I use the highest quality archival papers and lightfast coloured pencils to create a fine art portrait that will last a lifetime. I really enjoy capturing a true likeness and the unique personality of each treasured pet that I draw. In order to do this I need a very clear, well lit photograph taken in natural light that displays an accurate representation of your pets coat colour and eyes. A good tip is to get down to your subjects eye level and get a helper to rustle a packet behind you! Please see the examples of good reference photos below. Additional photographs are very welcome to give a sense of your pets personality. The better the photograph the better your portrait can be!

Examples of good reference photos

To start the process of ordering your own portrait you can contact me through my email address on my contact page or message me via facebook or instagram. Then we can discuss what you would like from your portrait and you can chose a suitable size. Prices are for a plain background or coloured paper.  A guideline to prices can be found below but if you require a different size or a detailed background please get in touch for a personalised quote. If you have a specific date in mind please get in touch early to avoid disappointment as I am booked up months in advance.

Price List

7 x 8″       £160


8 x 10″     £210


10 x 12″   £280


12 x 16″   £380


16 x 20″   £560


Delivery is included. Portraits will be delivered either by hand locally or very well packaged and sent recorded delivery. As an extra service you can chose to have your artwork professionally mounted and framed so it can arrive ready to hang. I can provide photos of suggested framing options for you to choose from. 

Daft dog Hetty 🥰

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Progress shot from another horse portrait gifted today. Such a vibrant coat and stunning boy

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💕Beautiful Ivy 💕 ready for gifting. Julia requested that I captured Ivy's notorious 'bangs' and lovely long eye lashes!

If you'd like your portrait to arrive ready to hang I am happy to organise framing for you with my lovely local framer Lee at Frameworks. We recommend choosing art glass as an upgrade. It's magic as you get no reflection so you can see all the detail and it has added UV protection

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Ivy the Cocker Spaniel. She was a wedding gift and will take pride of place in the couples home

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A very soulful pair of eyes next on my drawing board

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🐕 Viking dogs 🐕 ...ready to invade your picnics! 🤣

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Since I could hold a pencil I drew horses so it's always a pleasure to get a horse commission. I frustrated my art teacher at school so much because that's all I drew!

When I delivered this portrait on Saturday I got to meet 3 of these boys at their lovely home and I came away with a feeling of how absolutely content they were in their retirement from racing.

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The mare to the left is Jez sadly also a memorial. Her owner describes her as a once in a lifetime horse 🥰 She is the mother of all four boys that will be around her when it's finished. That's Bouncer to right and Blue just started bottom left. He was the last foal and the only one from a different sire hence you will see later he's the only chestnut. They are hoping Blue might start eventing soon

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At last I can show some progress photos from this wonderful racehorse commission that I started back in Feb. This is Bouncer a memorial portrait

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Visiting relatives today....my great great grandad Horace Frenchs first wife Elizabeth died at just 23 years old 😥. The inscription reads ...

Her time was short and soon was spent
She to her parents was but lent
She in her bloom was fresh and gay
But like a rose did fade away 🥀

She lies in Ashburnham Church in the grounds of Ashburnham Place now a Christian retreat centre. Unfortunately I think the gardeners of years gone by would be turning in their grave if they saw the state of the kitchen gardens and estate now but we did have a lovely coffee and cake in the Orangery tearoom and the walk around the lake is very enjoyable.

#ashburnhamplace #orangerytearoom #ashburnhamchurch

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Didn't want Nellie to feel left out so got her a @harperandboo bow too💜. How long before it's covered in fox poo? 🙈 ...

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😇 Angels 😇 ...

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If you visited me at @heathfieldshow you'll have seen me working on Jeffrey. Actually made some great progress despite it feeling like I spent all day talking. It was particularly lovely to catch up with regulars who have supported me since I started. I am now FULLY BOOKED for this year. Please book now if you would like a portrait NEXT year. Thank you all for your support in keeping me so busy 🥰

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All set up at Heathfield Show today. It's going to be a sunny one 😎 ...

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